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Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies

Elitoria is the friendship pairing of Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies (Eli/zabeth and Vic/toria). It has nothing to do with Jori, although some fans might think so.

Elitoria MomentsEdit

  • In an interview with, Liz gushed, "She's so adorable. She's a good egg, Victoria, and she's wonderful to work with...I think she has an extremely bright future ahead of her. She's so crazy talented. She's such an amazing singer, amazing actress. I'm sure she'll go very far."
  • In one of Dan's behind the scenes videos, they reveal that they have the same favorite fruit (apple).
  • Both love hula-hooping and The Beatles.
  • In an interview, Liz said that Victoria is incredibly talented and that she is proud of her.
  • Victoria even has a cute nickname for Liz: Liz McGiz.
  • When Victoria is asked to describe Liz, she says that Liz is a character and an individual who knows what she likes and what she doesn't like, and that she's not fake, which she says she really likes about her. She even say, "I love that girl..."
  • On Twitter, Liz posted a link to Victoria's new video for "Best Friend's Brother" and added "SO good!!!!"
  • Victoria has said on her formspring that he favorite thing about Liz is her sense of humor.
  • Victoria tweeted, "Happy, happy birthday @LizGillies!! Welcome to adulthood! I hope you have a great day :{) Xoxo".