This page articulates the rules of this wiki. Failure to follow these policies will result in warnings for minor first offenses and blocks for serious violations or continuing to break rules already warned about.


  1. Do not spam.
  2. No cussing. This is an affiliate of the Victorious Wiki, a site for a kid's show. Content should be kept age-appropriate.
  3. Please do not join if you are below the age of 13. This is based on COPPA's rule.


  1. Do not remove over 500 characters from a page without leaving an edit summary. Leaving an edit summary is always recommended.


  1. Images are to be submitted to the correct gallery.
  2. Images should have a proper name and describe what the picture is about. (eg. "File:Victoria_at_the_Emmy's.jpg" NOT "File:Asdflajk.png")
  3. Images should have a proper description and source if needed.
  4. Duplicate images must not be uploaded.